Google Nest Audio Smart Wi-Fi Speaker

Google Nest Audio Smart Wi-Fi Speaker

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It's all about that bass, 'bout that bass! Play your favourite music and enjoy Nest Audio's crisp vocals. It's 75% louder than the original Google Home. This smart gadget is designed to help you take control of the little tasks.

The Google Nest Audio is ‘hear’ to fill your home with sound.

Its powerful bass and clear vocals make it perfect for all occasions. Blast out all your favourite tunes, podcasts, and audiobooks, and when one of life’s questions pops up, simply say, “Hey, Google”, ask away, and your questions will be answered.

The speaker’s sleek and contemporary design allows this gadget to blend into any home aesthetics. The Nest Audio is made from 70% recycled plastic, making it greener than ever.

Play your favourite song on repeat, listen to the news, check the traffic before leaving the house, and more – you can do all those things with just your voice!

You can also turn on the heating hands-free with the Nest Audio if you have a smart thermostat at home. This smart speaker truly helps you take control of the little tasks!

For those who want more privacy, Google included a mic-off switch at the back of the device. You can also delete your history – just say “Hey Google, delete what I just said.”

Have fun with family and friends by broadcasting to other connected Nest speakers and displays. You can even use it as an intercom system or call them with Google Duo – it’s like having a walkie-talkie!

Don’t forget to check out the downtime feature – it’ll switch off all smart devices at certain times and block all unwanted content.

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Chalk / Charcoal
Power Source
Height 120mm
Width 70mm
Depth 170mm
75% louder than the original Google Home
50% stronger bass than the original Google Home
70% recycled plastic enclosure
Mic off switch at the rear
Compatible with Google Assistant.
Control other Smart Home Devices
Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems
What you get In the box: Google Nest Audio, Power adapter and cable, plus all the paper bits.