Honeywell Evohome HR92UK Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valve Zone Kit

Honeywell Evohome HR92UK Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valve Zone Kit

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£124.65 per Smart TRV
£175 installation (when ordering 5 or more Smart TRVs)
Create and manage heating zones with the Honeywell Evohome radiator zone kit. See the temperature displayed on your TRV. Download the Total Connect Comfort app to unlock all its fantastic features.

The Honeywell Evohome radiator zone kit is designed to create areas of heat in your home to satisfy all your family members (those who are always cold and those who aren’t). 

Creating and managing the heating zones can be done using existing systems without the need for any additional valves. You can instantly see the temperature of each room/zone with the digital display. 

Check out the TRV’s ‘open window feature’ as it recognises when the window is open and will automatically adjust or turn it off to stop unnecessary energy usage. 

You’ll also have the option to adjust the backlight brightness of the TRV display. 

Download the Total Connect Comfort Intl app to access all information and programmable options on your smartphone and adjust the temperature using the app. This is handy when you’re away on holiday!

Power Source
Lockshield Included?
Wheelhead Only
Thread Size
Programme Facility
Sensor Type
Smart Compatibility
Smart Hub Requirement
Temperature Range
Height 90mm
Width 60mm
Depth 50mm
Large adjustable display with backlight
Symbol and text display
Individual parameters setting
Holiday and Day-Off modes
Frost Protection
Wireless Range (Max.): 30m
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, iOS App, Android App
Installation by a Gas Safe Engineer
Removal of existing system (inclusive of tanks if applicable)
Boiler flue installation
Magnetic filter for ongoing protection
Inhibitor and System cleaner for protection and system cleanse
Condensate pipework
Gas pipe upgrade (if required)
Copper and fittings pack with pipe work installation
Re-wire of existing controls
12-month WarmZilla labour warranty
Registration of warranty and Building Control Certificate by WarmZilla
Warranty includes parts and labour free via the manufacturer

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