Ideal Mexico HE MEX 30 Regular Boiler

Ideal Mexico HE MEX 30 Regular Boiler

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The Ideal Mexico HE MEX 30 is one of the more powerful regular boilers in its range. This floor-standing regular boiler also has the potential to lower your energy bills thanks to an efficiency of 88.5%.

The Ideal Mexico HE MEX range has five boilers with different outputs,  the Mexico HE Mex 30 being the second most powerful boiler in the range. With an output level of 30kW, this model is perfect for a home with up to 20 radiators and 1-2 bathrooms. 

However, if you feel that your home requires a higher demand for central heating, the Mexico HE Mex 36 is also available. Meanwhile, many smaller homes will not require this demand for central heating and hot water, therefore, if your home has between 10 and 15 radiators, the Mexico HE Mex 15, 18 and 24 are also available. 

It is important to note when purchasing a new or replacement regular (heat-only) boiler, that you will need to accommodate for an additional hot water tank and also a cold water storage cistern, which is usually installed in the attic. Therefore, if your home has limited space, then it may be more suitable to consider a combi or system boiler.

kW Output
30 KW
ERP Rating
A Rated
Energy Efficiency
88 %
Which Review Score
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Height 850mm
Width 450mm
Depth 530mm