POD Point Solo 2 7Kw EV Charger – 4.8m Tethered

POD Point Solo 2 7Kw EV Charger – 4.8m Tethered

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Pod Point Solo EV Charger 7kW Type 2. It's a robust and stylish EV charger. The Solo 2 provides up to 30 miles of range per hour and has a 4.8m cable attached for convenient charging. Perfect for any electric/hybrid car.

The Pod Point Solo 2 has since been replaced by the new and improved Solo 3 model.

The Solo 2 is a great unit. It has everything you need to charge your electric/hybrid car.

Its 4.8 tethered cable makes it ideal for most homes.

You can download all the updates online – all you need is the Wi-Fi password. You can also access some cool features through the Pod Point app.

The Pod Point Solo 2 is trustworthy, thanks to its safety features, and it’s pretty reliable when used and maintained correctly.

Although this was balancing enabled, it is not quite what we expect from the newer model.

In summary, the Solo 2 is a brilliant introduction to EV charging from Pod Point.

Grey and Black
Connection Type
Type 2
Phase Type
Single Phase
Power Output
Charger Type
Mode 3
Power lead included
Height 360mm
Width 360mm
Depth 150mm
Secure Data Encryption
Fault Protection
Weather Proof
Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Standby Mode
Auto Power