Rolec WALLPOD: EV Homestart 7.2kW – 10m Tethered

Rolec WALLPOD: EV Homestart 7.2kW – 10m Tethered

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Rolec WALLPOD: EV Homestart is a fantastic charger. The unit is untethered, which makes it ideal for charging multiple EVs. Its charging output (7.2kW) offers fast charging at 32amps. This reliable charger is one of our installers' favourites!

Rolec WALLPOD: EV Homestart 7.2kw fast charging model is a reliable EV charging unit sold at an affordable price. This unit is perfect for home and commercial installations.

Completely OCPP compliant, the unit is future-proof and offers simple plug & charge or pay-to-charge solutions.

Pay-to-charge has been made simple via smartphone or RFID through a chosen OCPP management system.

The Rolec WALLPOD: EV Homestart is packed with fantastic features, including dynamic load balancing, fault detection, and solar panel connectivity. The fault detection feature eliminates the need for an earth rod.

The off-peak charger schedule feature will help you save money on your energy bills.

4G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Grey / White / Black
Connection Type
Type 2
Phase Type
Single Phase
Power Output
Charger Type
Mode 3
Power lead included
Height 410mm
Width 180mm
Depth 140mm
Automatic dynamic load balancing
No earth rods
Universal Socket or Type 2 Tethered Lead
Mobile App Controlled
Wall or Post Mounting
Dynamic Load Balancing
Designed & Manufactured in the UK