TP-Link Tapo L510E Smart White Dimmable Bulb E27– Twin pack

TP-Link Tapo L510E Smart White Dimmable Bulb E27– Twin pack

SKU: 140-1401-02



£18.99 per Smart Bulbs
£199 installation (when ordering 5 or more Smart Bulbs)
The Tapo L510E brings a bright full white colour to a room, dimmable between 1-100%. You can install this cool gadget anywhere and control it with voice commands and the app. Screw in connection.

Create the perfect lighting with the Tapo Smart Wi-Fi bulb. Schedule on/off and set them to the sunrise and sunset in your local time zone. Create mood lighting for all occasions. Found the perfect light levels? Save them in the settings for future needs, whether watching a film, reading or having a special someone over.

TP-Link Tapo L510E Smart White Dimmable Bulb E27 connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can manage the light level with just your voice command.

You can also use it as a security feature to simulate someone being at home to frighten unwanted visitors! This gadget is perfect for people who need help getting up in the dark or coming home late at night.

Screw in connection.

Power Source
Programme Facility
Smart Compatibility
Smart Hub Requirement
Temperature Range
0-40 degC
Height 110mm
Width 60mm
Depth 60mm
Multiple Colour & Effects
External Protection
No Hub Required
Flexible Installation
Easy self-installation
Preset for Convenience
Voice Control

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