TP-Link Tapo P110 Mini Smart Plug Wi-Fi Socket Energy Monitoring – 4-Pack

TP-Link Tapo P110 Mini Smart Plug Wi-Fi Socket Energy Monitoring – 4-Pack

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£49.49 per Smart Plugs
£199 installation (when ordering 5 or more Smart Plugs)
The Tapo P110 offers a simple but effective way to monitor and control energy usage. Use voice commands and schedule where and when you need it.

With the Tapo P110 energy-saving sockets, you can instantly control connected devices through voice or the accompanying Tapo app. Pre-set a schedule to automatically manage devices or create countdown timer lists for connected electronics used on a schedule.

As the sockets are tiny, they will not interfere with any adjoining plugs.

And with incorporated safety features, including fire resistance and a childproof design, there are no concerns.

Set timers to turn on devices for home security purposes and make it look like someone is home when away.

With clever functionality, monitor your power consumption and the cost of the energy you are using, all via the Tapo app.

You can also save smarter by managing your appliances for cheaper usage times.

Combine several devices under one group so your smart plug works with other Tapo smart devices.

Turn them all on or off with one action – no need for repeated efforts anymore. Voice commands are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Power Source
Programme Facility
Smart Compatibility
Smart Hub Requirement
Temperature Range
0-40 degC
Height 70mm
Width 40mm
Depth 20mm
Remote Control via app
Away Mode
Compact Design
Easy Setup
Childproof Outlet
Voice Control

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