Wallbox PULSAR MAX 7.4KW – 5m Tethered

Wallbox PULSAR MAX 7.4KW – 5m Tethered

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The Wallbox Pulsar Max is known for its robust performance. It's packed with excellent features i.e. smart scheduling and fast charging. It has a 5m tethered cable for convenient charging and an IK10 protection rating.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is a smart charger designed for effortless charging while saving time and money.

The unit is compliant with the latest Smart Charge Point regulations.

This unit is packed with fantastic features, i.e. smart scheduling and many more.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max comes with a 5m tethered cable which is convenient.

Monitor your charge through myWallbox app.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assist; these smart speakers can help you check the status of your vehicle’s charge. You can also check the car’s charging status quickly by looking at the halo light displayed on the unit.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max gives you advanced performance and is known for its excellent customer service.

Compatible with all Wallbox energy management solutions, the Pulsar max is fully compatible with solar charging.

In addition to all the components and operational improvements, the Pulsar Max is built to be more robust and has an IK10 protection rating. It will withstand harsh weather conditions, maybe not a hurricane!

4G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Grey / White / Black
Connection Type
Type 2
Phase Type
Single Phase
Power Output
Charger Type
Mode 3
Power lead included
Height 200mm
Width 190mm
Depth 90mm
Automatic dynamic load balancing
No Earthing Rod Needed
High-quality, Scratch-Resistant Matte Finish
Mobile App Controlled
Easy Installation of Indoor and Outdoor
Dynamic Load Balancing
Halo RGB LED Status Indicator.