Smart Home Plugs

Smart Home Plugs Matty March 15, 2023
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Smart home plugs

Never forget to turn off your appliance again. Smart plugs are becoming a must for homes to help save on energy costs. They are designed to be small and slim and won’t restrict another socket or cause any distress to the wall socket.

Think of the appliances you don’t always turn off at the plug, for instance, your washing machines, kitchen appliances or your living room TV. By turning these off, you will be reducing your energy usage. 

Most smart plugs are controlled by an app and voice commands, so thinking about whether you have left the hair straighteners on is long gone, simply check on your smart device and access for full control.

Smart plug information

Using a smart plug is a great way to save on your energy usage, and it will not use any extra power even when they remain on. Most smart plugs are certified not to use excessive power so that energy consumption won’t increase. The Energy Savings Trust suggest that we spend up to £86 a year for the appliance on standby mode. Using smart plugs within the home will come at an upfront cost but will be an excellent energy saving method over time.

Smart plugs are typically not dangerous, and they must pass the same standard guidelines as any other electrical device. Like most electrical appliances, they can radiate some heat but should work perfectly if not overloaded. It is wise to purchase smart plugs from a reputable supplier and ensure they are certified before use.

Smart plugs are helpful in many ways. You have timed and remote controllability of appliances to turn off when unused, which is a great way to save money. They offer peace of mind and can assist those who need it around the home. You can turn off a lamp via voice control or the accompanying app if you have mobility issues.

Smart plugs can also be a handy companion turning your morning coffee machine on for when you wake up. Deter potential burglars while away, and keep an eye on your energy consumption.

Firstly, you will need a Wi-Fi connection, and most smart plugs are compatible with Google Assist, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. They are typically voice activated, so you can easily operate a smart plug using basic commands. Don’t worry if you do not have any other smart home devices, as their accompanying app will fully operate them.

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