Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security Matty July 13, 2022
WarmInstaller fitting security camera outdoors
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Smart home security

Make sure your home is safe, whether you’re there or not with smart doorbells and indoor/outdoor cameras.

Answer the door using a smartphone app connected to your doorbell and tell the delivery person where to leave your package.

Receive alerts on what’s important to you. Set your camera to alert you when it sees a pet, vehicle or person; or all three.

Home security information

Smart home security is more accessible than ever. Most security devices can be fitted by someone with a drill and the will.

Smart doorbells and security cameras come in wired and wireless options. The wireless options require a bracket to be fixed to the wall.

For wired options some knowledge of electrics is required, so we don’t recommend installing wired options yourself.

WarmZilla install wired devices such as wired cameras, doorbells and smart thermostats. Anything where a bit of technical knowledge is required.

We don’t install wireless devices because the callout charge wouldn’t be worth your hard earned cash just to drill a few holes.

Smart home security devices are made to be simple to operate out of the box. Most of the time it’s just a case of installing an app to your smartphone and going through the set-up guide.

The more complicated devices like smart thermostats and wired security cameras we can install and explain how they work.

Good question. This depends on the device. Some rely on a WiFi connection and won’t work without one. Other devices will continue to work but will lose smart functionality.

Smart home alarms would continue to work but would lose smart functionality like remote monitoring. Security cameras might continue working but lose the ability to store footage.

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