TP-Link Matty April 12, 2023
Cut out image of Tapo Colour Changing Light bulb

TP-Link Products

TP-Link has established itself as a trustworthy household brand within the technology industry. With a wide range of Smart Home products, including Smart Bulbs, Smart Plugs and Security Cameras, TP-Link is built to assist with all your smart home needs.  

Consisting of Kasa and Tapo and offering hubless support, TP-Link products fully operate through the app and voice control via Google Assist and Amazon Alexa.

TP-Link information

WarmZilla sells a variety of TP-Link products. There are many ways in which to find these products. You find them when you take the boiler survey and independently in the Smart Home section of the website.

Many of us are suspicious about smart technology listening to what we are talking about.

One day you’re talking about something and then the next day you get an advert on your phone.

Though it may seem like your TP-Link device is listening to you, it’s actually only listening for the ‘wake word’, whatever word(s) you use to ask your smart speaker something – ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Alexa’.

No information is stored by TP-Link.

TP-Link products vary depending on the type. A Smart Home Bulb by TP-Link can cost as little as £30, whereas the Smart Home Plug costs £50, and the TP-Link cameras start at as little as £25. These make it very affordable to introduce smart products into your home without compromising quality.  

With everyday use and general love and attention, the products themselves can last for approximately ten years. Thus, making them a great investment which not only can look after your home but your energy bills too. TP-Link also offers a 2 year manufactures warranty on most of their products which is impressive for products such as bulbs.

Unbeatable prices
Flexible payment options
Installation on select products
U.K Wide coverage