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Switcheroo Home Covers Matty May 18, 2023
WarmZilla boiler service

Switcheroo partner with WarmZilla

Do you need home cover or a quick quote?

We’ve partnered with Switcheroo to offer home cover to their loyal and savvy customers. 

Get peace of mind for as little as £8.99 per month with our cover plans

Switcheroo Home Covers

Even if your boiler is quite new and still under the manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee, the HomeZilla ‘Extra’ plan covers your entire heating system – flues, radiators, thermostats, pipework, the lot. Giving you total peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you can rely on us to fix it. Unlimited callouts are included as part of your plan. If you’d like a quote on a new boiler, take the WarmZilla Survey and get a fixed-price boiler quote online in 90 seconds, without giving any personal details.

Even if your boiler is under a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty, most manufacturers will only honour the warranty if the boiler has been annually serviced by a Gas Safe engineer.

Our ‘Service Plan’ is a great way to spread the payments for your boiler service over a year, and it’s one less thing to remember to sort out as we’ll be in touch one month before your service is due to get it booked in at a convenient time.

You can take out a service plan here.

All of our cover plans include a boiler service (or a CP12 on landlord plans).

Our ‘Service Plan’ includes an annual boiler service.

Our ‘Basic Plan‘ includes boiler cover and cover for your heating controls.

Our ‘Extra Plan‘ covers your boiler, controls and central heating system.

Our ‘Plus Plan‘ covers your boiler, controls, central heating and plumbing and drains.

Our ‘Total Plan‘ covers your boiler, controls, central heating, drains and home electrics.

All plans include a boiler service and unlimited callouts.

Your Gas Safe engineer will come from or the surrounding area. WarmZilla has a network of Gas Safe engineers around the U.K known as WarmInstallers.

By buying your boiler from WarmZilla, you are still supporting local tradespeople that are vetted and subcontracted by WarmZilla to fit your boiler.

In most cases, WarmZilla can install your new boiler within 48 hours of ordering. If you are without hot water or heating, please get in touch with us. We may have additional cover in that will allow us to fit your boiler the next day. 

Most boiler installations are completed within one day. If it’s a simple job like a combi to combi boiler swap then we may be able to get the job done in 4 to 5 hours.

If you are converting a regular or system boiler to a combi, then please allow for up to two days’ work. Our heating engineers will always do their best to leave you with heating and hot water overnight.

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